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How to Quit Smoking Forever



The one thing that all of the hundreds of people  who have been helped to quit smoking will all agree on is , smoking purely and simply is a bad habit. Interestingly enough, so will almost everyone you meet who still smokes. Besides being an invitation to dire health problems down the road, it's unattractive and expensive.


The devastating thing here  is that cigarette smoking is a generational problem. It wasn't until the early 1980s that e cigarette smoking was revealed to be a major contributor to lung cancer and  emphysema . By then, there were hundreds of millions of cigarette addicts all over the world, many looking for a way out of this life-sapping addiction.


If you want to quit smoking for good, and make an airtight case for your kids and grandkids to do the same, you need three things. You need to be motivated, educated and have a good support system to make it happen. Check out for more info about ecigs.


Motivation is perhaps the easiest step in your journey to quit smoking for good. Try a Google image search of 'lung cancer effects', 'emphysema' and 'COPD breathing'. Reading the article "9 Reasons why you should quit smoking" or any of the many articles  written on putting this habit behind you. This five minute exercise ought to scare you straight. If you want to spread the news, print out a few of the choicest images and share them with family members you hope to inspire to also quit smoking. It's a good idea to create a file folder, on your PC and in hard copy format. This will be good enough to turn your stomach. Share the results with your currently smoking loved ones. Hopefully it will turn their stomachs too!


If this is not sufficient motivation, use Google to collect information on the scientific facts and consequences of smoking. You can follow this link for some graphic reasons to quit.


Now that you're motivated, check out some of the quit smoking forums and discussion groups. You'll find thousands of people, who have been smoking for decades. You'll hear horror stories based on fact that will surely motivate you to quit smoking for good. You'll also discover success stories of people who managed to quit smoking before it was too late. You'll learn tricks and tips from former smokers that can help you overcome the smoking habit. Smoking forums, message groups and other smoking information venues can provide plenty of support. You'll find people just like you, still smoking, but desiring to quit smoking for good. Try the best e cigarette here!